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Things Distracting Me From Writing: May 2024

This month wasn't a bad month, but it wasn't a good writing month either for reasons we'll get to down in the health stuff section. I did get a lot of good reading and audiobook listening in this month though...
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Things Distracting Me From Writing: April 2024

I'll be honest. April was an unexpectedly expensive and emotionally draining month for me. I was served up a lot of unwanted challenges while things are also starting to get busier at work.

Things Distracting Me From Writing: February 2024

Happy Leap Day! I hope you have some weird and fun to do today. After all, we're not going to see this day again for another four turns around the sun. As for me, I'm trying a new thing today.
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Why did I assume everyone has been to Philly?

You discover a lot about yourself during the editing process. The words you overuse ("but", "also", "brow"). The punctuation you're fond of (#emdashforlife). The time travel you inadvertently put your characters through even when your story has no time travel in it.
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💬 Comments + Fresh chapters!

I hope you're having a good start to 2024. And if you're not, there's no rule that says fresh starts have to happen on a particular schedule. You could choose to have a fresh start on January 29 or even December 30 if you want to. There's nothing special about January 1.
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Naka has a new name

One of the reasons this whole project is still in beta is that there are some big chunks of plot and some character things that I'm still sorting out. I spent some time this week going back and revising previous logs to include some key plot pieces and character traits I finally figured out.
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Fresh Road of Red chapters! 📜

I'll be honest, I still haven't quite got my writing rhythm back yet after being sick for so long. A big part of that is wanting to get out of my blasted apartment and explore things in ways I haven't been able to since before the pandemic started.

So...I was sick for a while...

Around the first week of December, I started having explosive, holy-shit-pray-to-your-maker levels pain in my abdomen. My nurse practitioner actually called the diagnosis on my first visit with her: "It's your gallbladder."
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Beta Reading Portal

This is the ultimate list of links for Beta readers to use to access the Road of Red logs.
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Guide to Beta Reading

Some guidelines and such for anyone who is beta reading for the Road of Red.